Being a Pakistani Muslim female, I often see my culture & religion keeping women pretty reserved in their lifestyle and expect them in an expectation that their professional careers be like doctors, engineers and the likes. This cultural sentiment doesn’t breed too many artists and my work is meant to both broaden the horizons of women from my culture impacted by limiting cultural beliefs, as well as inspire a more creative life.  Whether they are the subject in my photo, or the viewer putting themselves in “her” shoes… I want to bring a world perspective to them, wherein which they can feel free to be anyone, anywhere, and maybe potentially even - an artist.
Having lived in over nine countries and been fortunate enough to have traveled a large portion of the globe, I spent most of my life living in the awe and wonder that nature and cultures inspire. My studio is the mountains, the deserts, and the trees - where I spend most of my free time exploring.  Bringing this to my portraiture and fashion photography, I often portray women immersed in the whimsical, ethereal, and or sometimes fierce elements that the natural world & its’ cultures bring created. My skill set lies in capturing the essence of a people’s person’s culture, attitude, archetype, and their connection to nature.  I’d like to think it can aspire to help people reconnect with their ancestral roots, the earth, and to create an atmosphere of possibility and freedom.